Balancing of centrifuges

CES is equipped with “state of the art” balancing equipment and services for all centrifuge components in order to improve the equipment’s lifespan and efficiency.

"Best-in-Class" Service

CES strongly believes in providing its clients a ‘best-in-class’ service equivalent or exceeding the highest industry standards of service and repairs. We offer a complete range of centrifuge repair, rebuilding and reconditioning of parts and equipment for all industries including oil & gas, construction, municipal waste water treatment, slop oil separation, mining operations, food & beverage manufacturing and so on.

Why Choose Us?


Specialized in centrifuge repairs

  • CES is the only purpose-built centrifuge facility in the Middle East that provides dedicated services for all your centrifuge needs.
  • We believe in delivering the highest standard of service and repairs, utilising OEM and /or premium quality replacement parts, for all centrifuge repairs and service.

Experienced and dedicated staff

  • Our highly-skilled and experienced staff  is adept at refurbishing all types of centrifuges back to, or exceeding, OEM specifications.
  • CES staff has over 50 years of combined experience in centrifuge service, repair and operations. Rest assured that CES can service all of your centrifuge needs beyond your expectations.

Caters to diverse industries

  • CES offers a complete range of centrifuge repair, rebuilding, and reconditioning of parts and equipment for several industries.
  • We cater to diverse sectors including oil & gas, construction, municipal waste water treatment, slop oil separation, mining operations, food & beverage  manufacturing, tunneling and boring,  chemical processing, environmental services and contract dewatering.

  • What are the specialised and unique services offered by CES?

    CES provides centrifuge maintenance and repair services including but not limited to:

    • Machine Shop
    • Specialty Part Manufacturing
    • Centrifuge Balancing
    • Welding and Fabrication
    • Refurbish, Straighten and Hard-surface Scroll Wear Areas
    • Hard Chroming
    • AutoCAD Drafting
    • Process and Mechanical Support
    • Total Equipment Service and Rebuilds
    • Hydraulic System Repairs
    • Electrical and VFD Repairs
    • Updating Electrical Control Systems
    • Gearbox Overhaul/Service
    • Sandblasting and Epoxy Painting
    • 24/7 Field Technician Services

  • How does CES ensure that client requests are met 24/7?

    CES has service technicians on call 24/7 and we are committed to responding to your calls immediately and dispatch staff to carry out the necessary repair without any delay.

  • What are the maintenance services offered by CES?

    To keep your centrifuges operating and in good working condition, we offer “on site” service contracts that can be specifically tailored to meet your needs and requirements. This provides peace of mind, minimizes downtime and further reduces costs by contracting your maintenance to a specialized company.