Repair, Rebuild and/or Fabricate parts to OEM specs or better

We are committed to repair, rebuild and fabricate parts of any centrifuge to original OEM specifications or even improve upon them.

Rebuild, Repair and service centrifuges

Our expert engineers and technicians are adept at rebuilding, repairing and servicing any kind or model of centrifuge from all industries. This can either be one part or a complete rebuild to “as new” specifications, extending the life of a unit by many years.

Balancing of centrifuges

CES is equipped with “state of the art” balancing equipment and services for all centrifuge components in order to improve the equipment’s lifespan and efficiency.

Repair/Service all types of controls/systems

Our highly-qualified team has the expertise to repair any type of control or system including fully hydraulic and VFD systems.

Repair/Service VFD’s and electrical controls

CES can handle the service, repair and refurbishment of complex systems such as Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and electrical control systems.

Repair/Service of gearboxes

CES can service and repair damaged gearboxes to OEM specifications, including planetary and cyclo gearboxes.

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